These days, Facebook may be full in controversy, but no matter how many people talk about abandoning it, few actually do. Usage of the platform still outpaces that of all the other social media sites except YouTube. For now, the social media behemoth still plays a big role in the lives of most consumers — which means paid media on Facebook still has a big role to play in a strong digital marketing strategy.

If you’re trying to find the right marketing mix for your business and you’re not currently investing in Facebook ads, there’s a whole list of reasons to start.

10 Reasons Facebook Ads Are Worth Including in Your Paid Media Plan

1. Paid media is an important part of inbound marketing.

Most marketers often think of inbound as being all about earned media, but before people can benefit from the content you create for an inbound campaign, they have to see it. Running Facebook ads is a valuable channel for getting that initial reach for your content. And then, just as importantly, it’s a useful tool for lead generation so you can extend your relationship with prospects beyond their first encounter with your content.

2. Most people are on Facebook.

The most recent poll from Pew Research found that 69% of people in the United States still use Facebook. People might complain about the privacy issues of the platform, but it hasn’t been enough to drive most of them away. The social media site has gained wide adoption across demographics — quite a bit more than the social media platforms that get more of the buzz, like Instagram and Snapchat (which are at 37% and 24% adoption, respectively).

It’s a common marketing mantra to go where your audience is. For almost all marketing personas, that includes Facebook.